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The Correct Way to Use the Prong Collar

The Correct Way to Use the Prong Collar

The Prong Collar: Navigating Its Use in Effective Dog Training



The prong collar is often a topic of debate in dog training circles. When wielded with knowledge and responsibility, particularly under the tutelage of a professional trainer, it emerges as a formidable tool, especially for headstrong or behaviorally challenging dogs. This blog aims to demystify the prong collar, detailing its purpose, correct application, and its benefits in training. At Unrivaled K9, we exclusively endorse the Hermsprenger  brand for our clients. Although many trainers in the dog industry have different approaches to equipment, Hermsprenger is considered the industry gold standard when it comes to utilizing a prong or pinch collar. 

Understanding the Prong Collar

Often called a pinch collar, the prong collar is ingeniously crafted to capture a dog's attention harmlessly. It mimics the natural corrective action of a mother dog's nip. The prong collar, featuring blunt-ended metal prongs, is designed to provide a gentle pinch that is discomforting but not painful, refocusing the dog's behavior.

The Proper Use of the Prong Collar

  • Professional Consultation: Always seek guidance from a seasoned dog trainer before using a prong collar. This ensures its suitability for your dog and safeguards against misuse.
  • Correct Fit and Placement: It's crucial that the collar fits snugly, positioned high on the neck, just behind the ears. Proper adjustment ensures free movement but prevents it from slipping over the head. Additionally, attaching the leash to both rings of the collar enhances immediate communication with your dog.
  • Appropriate Lead: Use a standard 6 ft leather or nylon lead. This combination aids in better control and avoids undue pressure or discomfort.
  • Gradual Introduction and Positive Association: Introduce the collar gently to your dog, allowing them to adjust to the new sensation, thus avoiding fear or anxiety.
  • Balanced Training Approach: Integrate positive reinforcement with the prong collar's cues, rewarding your dog for responding correctly.

Benefits of Using a Prong Collar

  • Enhanced Control and Communication: The prong collar fosters clearer communication, aiding in redirecting undesirable behaviors and focusing your dog's attention.
  • Safety: For larger or more powerful dogs, the prong collar can be a safer option during walks and training sessions.
  • Efficient Behavior Correction: It proves efficient in rectifying behaviors like leash pulling, lunging, or jumping, especially when paired with positive reinforcement.


While contentious, the prong collar, when used judiciously and under professional guidance, stands as an effective, safe training aid. Understanding its correct use, coupled with positive reinforcement strategies, can help in addressing behavioral issues, thereby strengthening your bond with your dog. For queries or guidance on the prong collar, feel free to contact us at Unrivaled K9.

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