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Knotts Island NC Dog Training

Knotts Island, NC Dog Training


Knotts Island NC's best dog training with in-home dog boarding, private dog training sessions, and group dog classes. Elevate your pet's well-being in the heart of North Carolina.

Knotts Island NC Dog Training

Discover the Unrivaled Difference

Begin your dog's transformative journey with us today! As Knotts Island NC's premier dog trainers.

Currituck NC Private Dog Training Classes

We emphasize mastering obedience fundamentals, ensuring your canine companion learns essential behaviors such as sit, stay, heel, down, and place
We empower your dog to navigate real-life environments and unpredictable situations with stability and control
Building Trust
In our private dog training, we build trust through integrated agility and stress management, strengthening the bond between you and your dog
Behavior Modification
We specialize in cultivating stability in your dog's demeanor, addressing reactivity towards both dogs and people

Currituck NC Group Dog Training Classes

Group Obedience Training
In our group dog training classes, we emphasize essential obedience commands like sit, stay, heel, down, and place. Your dog will learn these commands in a social and interactive group setting
Distraction Training
This training exposes your dog to various distractions beyond basic commands, aiming to help them stay focused and well-behaved in tempting environments
Group Socialization
Our program is dedicated to building a strong bond between you and your dog, ensuring that they not only navigate real-life situations with confidence but also become a well-mannered companion
Group Agility
Our group agility classes focus on training your dog to be athletic and coordinated, instilling skills that allow them to navigate various obstacles seamlessly
Witness the astonishing progress as your dog hones essential skills, thrives in real-world scenarios, and evolves into a well-disciplined, harmonious companion
Off-Leash Freedom Awaits
Elevate your dog's training with Unrivaled K9's 45-Day Off-Leash Mastery Program, ensuring total control and freedom through a six-week intensive for flawless obedience
Expert-Led Canine Mastery
Our 21 to 45-day programs prioritize fostering a well-balanced, obedient, and self-assured dog through personalized care and a holistic approach
In-Home Boarding
The dogs reside in-house with the lead trainer and their family, dogs are monitored around the clock via cameras and audio in the trainer's home
Confidence Boost
Agility significantly enhances their self-assurance and confidence
Unrivaled K9 offers dynamic agility courses with ever-changing, diverse setups
Knotts Island NC Dog Training

Dog Agility Training for all breeds

At Unrivaled K9, a pivotal aspect of our Knotts Island NC dog training program is agility training, which engages dogs both mentally and physically, significantly enhancing their confidence as they master new skills and conquer challenging obstacles.

Knotts Island, NC Dog Training

At Unrivaled K9, our Knotts Island NC dog training program specializes in reality-based training, where dogs are trained in real environments with unplanned distractions and true-to-life scenarios. This method prepares them to adapt and respond effectively in everyday situations, ensuring a well-rounded skill set for various real-world challenges.

Unrivaled K9 Specializes in Reality Based Dog Training

Realistic Training
We train you to confidently manage your dog in everyday places like stores and shopping centers
Stress Management
We train stress management for you and your dog's calmness in daily life situations

Who Is Unrivaled K9 Dog Training?

Head Dog Trainer of Unrivaled K9
Mike Crowley

Head Dog Trainer of Unrivaled K9

Knotts Island NC Dog Training

Michael Crowley is renowned for his dedication to cutting-edge, evidence-based dog training in Knotts Island NC. He recognizes the importance of a variety of tools, from toys and treats to clickers, in Currituck NC dog training. His guiding principle is to establish a relationship where dogs are naturally motivated to work with handlers, going beyond just external rewards like food. This belief forms the foundation of his training methods ensuring that every technique has a clear and meaningful purpose.


Training Dogs Since


Dogs Trained

With over a decade of experience in dog training, we are here to assist you in having the dog you've always dreamed of.

At Unrivaled K9, we specialize in building strength and confidence in dogs through our expert training programs. Our approach focuses on empowering your canine companion to thrive both physically and mentally, ensuring a strong and confident.

We focus on fundamental dog training principles, promoting stability, confidence, and a respectful bond between handler and canine through collaborative teamwork.

Stability is the cornerstone, providing a dog with a sense of security and confidence essential for their mental and emotional health. This foundation of stability is crucial in nurturing a well-balanced and happy dog.

Obedience training builds upon this stability. Mastering commands such as sit, stay, and heel is not just about discipline; it's about enhancing the overall enjoyment of the companionship between a dog and its handler. It contributes to a dog’s well-rounded development, ensuring they are well-behaved and responsive.

Respect is the final, vital element. Teaching a dog respect means they learn to make good choices, such as coming back when called, even in challenging situations. This aspect of training fosters a deep sense of trust and cooperation in the relationship, ensuring a harmonious bond between the dog and its handler. Together, stability, obedience, and respect form a comprehensive approach to dog training, leading to a fulfilling and joyful partnership.

Testimonals & Reviews

Join Our Currituck NC Dog Training Community of over +300 Happy Students

If your looking for a dog trainer for anything from basic obedience to proper socialization and stability look no farther! Do yourself a favor and give Unrivaled k9 a call. I started attending training with my Belgian Malinois 3 years ago and have gained the tools, knowledge and confidence to handle what can be a very difficult breed. I receive compliments all the time on how well behaved my dog is and I’m always quick to recommend Unrivaled!!

Belgian Malinois

I absolutely love the group training I took my dog (Postybear who is a aussie/lab mix) to Mike’s training mainly so he knew commands and to stop pulling on the leash. We attended many classes when he was a puppy and now he is almost 3 he is the perfect dog. He does not go after other dogs he listens to my command without hesitation!! 100% recommend Mike and the training he provides!!!​

Melissa R
Aussie / Lab mix

Had my German Shepard, Kapena with Mike for his 30 day board and train. Mike was able to focus his training to work with my wife how has Parkinson’s disease. Even though Kapena is still technically a puppy is skills out in public are on point. Took him on 9 day 2400 mile road trip and was perfect for us the whole trip. I can‘t praise Mike enough for the time he spent with us and Kapena.

German Shepherd

My Labrador retriever (Sami) didn't work out at her last 2 homes. I adopted her at 1yr old. I wanted to get some training so that I would know how to handle her. I had seen Mike and his dog in public and I was very impressed with his dogs obedience and got his contact info. We went to training and I have to admit at first, I thought I was in over my head. But in working with Mike I gained confidence and couldn't be happier with how much both Sami and I learned. Having an obedient dog has strengthened our bond and I am able to take her to public places.

Labrador Retriever

This is top of the line training! My Mini Aussie, Sybil, and I have been training with Mike since 2021. Sybil was only 10 months when we started so she hadn’t developed any vices (other than being overly friendly) but I wanted her to have a foundation of obedience before forming bad habits. The knowledge and skills that Mike uses to train are concise and easily implemented for practicing at home. I enjoy the creative obedience sessions while Sybil enjoys the challenging agility portions that test her abilities and problem solving. The training we have received has been invaluable and has made for a peaceful and enjoyable home environment! 100% recommend Unrivaled K9 Solutions for ALL of your training needs!

Mini Aussie

I trained with Mike when I adopted my German shepherd Heidi. I realized she was going to be a bit of a handful and I wanted to ensure I knew how to competently address a few of her issues. She was slightly reactive and very hyperactive. With Mike’s help both Heidi and I gained confidence and trust in each other. Training with her became almost a hobby and seeing her progress made me super proud. We are still learning and growing but have come such a long way thanks to Unrivaled K9.

German Shepherd

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Unrivaled K9's private sessions cater to a wide range of dog training needs, including basic obedience, resource guarding issues, advanced skills like off-leash obedience, and basic search and rescue techniques. They are designed to meet both fundamental and complex training objectives.

Unrivaled K9 focuses on personalized dog training, starting with an initial 15-minute assessment. The training includes fundamental skills, understanding of body language, verbal commands, and thought process shaping. Additionally, there is an emphasis on real-world application, ensuring skills are practical in
various settings.

Absolutely. The training is tailored for a variety of needs, including those of newly adopted puppies, rescue dogs with behavioral challenges, or dogs that require advanced obedience training.

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