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Who Is Unrivaled K9 Dog Training?

Head Dog Trainer of Unrivaled K9
Mike Crowley

Head Dog Trainer of Unrivaled K9

Trainer Spotlight

Michael Crowley is known for his dedication to cutting-edge, evidence-based dog training. He recognizes the range of tools in dog training, from toys and treats to clickers. His simple yet profound principle is to build a relationship where dogs are naturally motivated to work with handlers, beyond external rewards like food. This belief is the foundation of his training methods, giving a clear purpose to every technique he uses.


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Active Duty Owned
We're an active-duty owned dog training business in Elizabeth City, dedicated to strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners.
Kennel Master
Mike serves as the head kennel master, overseeing all dogs in our board and train programs.
Community Member
Mike is an active community member, providing support to the town of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas.

What's Unrivaled K9 Dog Training All About?

Elizabeth City, North Carolina Dog Training

Building Strong Confident Dogs

At Unrivaled K9, we specialize in building strength and confidence in dogs through our expert training programs. Our approach focuses on empowering your canine companion to thrive both physically and mentally, ensuring a strong and confident.

Socialization Skills
Public Obedience
Stress Management
Agility & Obstacle Maneuvering
Confidence Under Stress
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When Does Unrivaled K9 Host Dog Training Events?

Located in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Unrivaled K9 frequently hosts group dog training sessions and an array of exciting events. Click HERE to schedule private dog training sessions.

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  • Group Obedience & Agility Class
  • Group Obedience & Agility Class
  • Group Obedience & Agility Class
  • Group Obedience & Agility Class

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Happy Students


Happy Students

German Shepherd

Had my German Shepard, Kapena with Mike for his 30 day board and train. Mike was able to focus his training to work with my wife how has Parkinson’s disease. Even though Kapena is still technically a puppy is skills out in public are on point. Took him on 9 day 2400 mile road trip and was perfect for us the whole trip.

Paul K
German Shepherd
Belgian Malinois

If your looking for a dog trainer for anything from basic obedience to proper socialization and stability look no farther! Do yourself a favor and give Unrivaled k9 a call. I started attending training with my Belgian Malinois 3 years ago and have gained the tools, knowledge and confidence to handle what can be a very difficult breed. I receive compliments all the time on how well behaved my dog is and I’m always quick to recommend Unrivaled!!

Sara Smith
Belgian Malinois
German Shepherd

I cannot say enough about Mike. He has given us the tools to confidently work work with our German shepherd & knowledge to know what he needs. When our dog was about 4 or 5 months we were seriously considering rehoming but we found Mike & with one class we noticed a difference & decided we were ready to put in the work. I recommend him to anyone we come across with a new puppy or a challenging dog. Amazing!

Lauren H
German Shepherd
German Shepherd

Absolutely amazed at the knowledge and skill! My German shepherd Ruby is a completely different dog after just a few lessons. She also seems happier! Would recommend hands down. The picture below is Ruby (right) and her friend practicing their “stay” on a busy road with lots of distractions. ❤️

Lindsay S
German Shepherd
Short Haired Pointer

We recently had the privilege of enrolling our German Shorthaired Pointer, Hildegard, in a 2-month Board and Train program with Mike at Unrivaled K9, and we couldn't be happier with the outstanding results. From the moment we entrusted Hildegard to Mike's care, we knew we made the right decision. The expertise, professionalism, and dedication exhibited throughout the entire training experience were truly exceptional.

During the initial consultation, Mike took the time to thoroughly understand Hildegard's temperament, behavioral challenges, and training goals. His knowledge and understanding of German Shorthaired Pointers were evident, and we felt confident that our furry family member was in capable hands.

Throughout the 2-month Board and Train program, Mike provided Hildegard with a structured and nurturing environment. He implemented a comprehensive training curriculum tailored specifically to her needs. From basic obedience commands to advanced skills, Hildegard received personalized attention and guidance, ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

Mike's training methods were both effective and humane. He utilized positive reinforcement techniques, using praise and affection as rewards for Hildegard's desired behaviors. This approach not only motivated Hildegard but also fostered a strong bond between her and Mike. We were delighted to witness the progress Hildegard made under his guidance.

Communication during the Board and Train program was exceptional. Mike provided regular updates on Hildegard's progress, sharing videos and photos that reassured us of her well-being and development. He also offered valuable insights into her training journey and provided guidance on how to reinforce the training at home.

At the end of the 2-month program, we were astounded by the transformation in Hildegard. She had mastered a wide range of commands and displayed improved leash manners and impulse control. The foundation laid during the Board and Train program has empowered us to continue her training and maintain the progress achieved.

We are immensely grateful for Mike's unwavering dedication and commitment throughout the entire process. His expertise, patience, and genuine love for dogs were evident in every interaction. The 2-month Board and Train program with Mike at Unrivaled K9 surpassed our expectations, and we wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone seeking a comprehensive and highly effective training experience for their beloved dog.

In conclusion, our experience with Mike and the 2-month Board and Train program at Unrivaled K9 was truly exceptional. We witnessed remarkable results, and Hildegard's transformation was nothing short of incredible. If you are looking for a dog trainer who is knowledgeable, passionate, and committed to your dog's success, we highly recommend Mike at Unrivaled K9.

Thomas S
Short Haired Pointer

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