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Our team specializes in creating well-behaved canine companions that excel in all environments and situations.

Our team specializes in creating well-behaved canine companions that excel in all environments and situations.

Step into a world of tailored dog training experiences with our private sessions. From fundamental obedience to advanced behavior modification, our classes cover the entire spectrum of canine development. Join us in the journey of refining your furry friend into a well-trained companion, ready to excel in any situation.


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Private Dog Training Courses Tailor to You

At our training center, we offer courses ranging from basic to advanced, catering to all levels in between. Our mission is to make your dog better with each session, ensuring continuous improvement and a stronger bond between you and your dog.

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Our Elizabeth City Dog Training Courses

In our private dog training sessions, we focus on mastering obedience fundamentals, instilling key commands such as sit, stay, heel, down, and place, ensuring your canine companion learns essential behaviors
Building Trust
We offer a unique approach of trust-building in our dog training sessions, where agility and controlled stress management techniques are integrated to strengthen the bond between you and your dog.
Advanced Obedience
In our advanced obedience training, we take your dog's skills to the next level, focusing on off-leash mastery while building upon our fundamental teachings.
Behavior Modification
In our behavior modification sessions, we specialize in cultivating stability in your dog's demeanor, addressing reactivity towards both dogs and people. Our expert trainers work diligently to identify and rectify aggressive tendencies.
In our socialization training, we empower your dog to navigate real-life environments and unpredictable situations with grace and control. Our program focuses on fostering adaptability and calmness.
Basic Tracking
In basic tracking, we harness your dog's natural senses for search and rescue. Through interactive exercises, we equip them with essential tracking skills for finding their way back to you if lost.
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Family-Friendly Environment
Individualized Approach
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Transparent Communication
Positive Reinforcement
Flexible Scheduling
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Elizabeth City Obedience Dog Training

With Our Basic Obedience Course You Can Expect the Following

We recommend starting with this course.

Learn the fundamentals of obedience
Understand the proper way to walk you dog without pulling you
Have your dog recall back to your position when requested

Leash Handling Skills

Learn essential lead handling skills as we guide you through proper techniques for holding and manipulating the lead.

Vocal Tonality

We emphasize clarity by promoting calm assertiveness, and discourage excessive yelling for effective communication with your dog

Practice Work

We ensure continuous improvement by delivering effective practice drills and providing instructional videos as part of your homework

Elizabeth City Dog Behavior Modification

Dog Behavior Modification, A Holistic Approach to Positive Change

We specialize in creating stability in your dog's demeanor, addressing reactivity towards both dogs and people.

Learn the root cause of the dogs reactivity
Understand how to fix your dog's behavior
Learn positive techniques to stop your dog's aggression
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Stability Training

We train for stability in various locations and real-life situations, ensuring your dog is well-prepared and adaptable.

Positive Balance

We instill accountability in dogs through positive reinforcement, fostering a training environment that emphasizes responsibility

Creating Trust

We build trust with dogs to address fear aggression, employing compassionate training methods that build confidence

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Elizabeth City Dog Socialization Training

We Train Dogs to Excel in Real-World Scenarios by Imparting Essential Socialization Skills

Our focus is not just on teaching commands, but on empowering your dog with the adaptability and calmness needed to thrive in any setting.

Real-life scenarios training
Proofing obedience skills in realistic situations
Tailored to each dog's level of obedience and understanding

Foundation Building

We focus on core commands like sit, heel, down, and place work. It's essential that the dog can reliably perform these commands in a controlled setting.

Gradual Exposure

We slowly introduce the dog to more dynamic settings like parks and group gatherings, challenging them to maintain their obedience amidst distractions.

Advanced Training

Once the dog and handler are prepared, we progress to more expansive and intricate settings such as shopping centers and diverse environments like hardware stores

Elizabeth City Agility Dog Training

Controlled Challenges That Strengthen Your Connection With Your Dog.

This course is more than just training; it's an adventure into the world of mutual understanding and respect, where agility meets controlled stress management to create an unbreakable bond.

Integration of agility and stress management
Develop trust and confidence in your dog
Improve obedience and responsiveness to commands
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Agility Obstacles

Take your dog's agility to new heights as they navigate and conquer challenges on our dynamic obstacle course, designed to boost physical prowess and mental acuity

Controlled Stress

Utilizing agility training, we create controlled stress environments for your dog, guiding them safely through obstacles to build trust and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Mental Stimulation

These exercises are not just physically engaging but also mentally stimulating, fostering a content and tired dog after each session. Creating a positive association with learning.

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Frequently Asked Dog Training Questions

Common Dog Training Questions You May Have

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What is unique about Unrivaled K9's training approach?
Unrivaled K9 focuses on personalized training, starting with an initial 15-minute assessment. The training includes fundamental skills, understanding of body language, verbal commands, and thought process shaping. Additionally, there is an emphasis on real-world application, ensuring skills are practical in various settings.
Are there any support systems in place for clients after the training sessions?
Yes, clients receive ongoing support which includes personalized homework assignments, and direct access to the trainer via text, email, and phone for any queries or guidance needed outside of scheduled sessions.
Can Unrivaled K9's training sessions cater to dogs with specific behavioral challenges?
Absolutely. The training is tailored for a variety of needs, including those of newly adopted puppies, rescue dogs with behavioral challenges, or dogs that require advanced obedience training.
What are some outcomes clients can expect from Unrivaled K9's training?
Clients can expect a transformation in their dog’s behavior, achievement of specific training goals, a closer bond with their dog, and practical application of skills in real-world scenarios. Client testimonials highlight significant improvements in dog behavior and obedience.
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